Theofilos Vasileiadis

Theofilos Vasileiadis

Founder / CEO Socital

Theofilos is the CEO and co-founder of Socital, a data analytics marketing automation startup with offices in London, UK and Athens, GR. Theofilos is a serial entrepreneur, since 1997 when he co-founded, the leading on-line recruitment firm in SE Europe (sold in 2007 to and in 2006 Group IMI, an events company in Dubai and S. Arabia (sold to private investors in 2014). Since selling, he worked with at several positions including President of Asia region.

In 2000 Mr. Vasileiadis was awarded for excellence in Entrepreneurship by the President of Greece and the Entrepreneur’s Club. Also, in 2011, he was included in the “40 under 40” Global AIESEC alumni publication.

Finally, he served as a board member in WLCi College in India and Humantelligence Software in USA. He is an Alumnus of Harvard Business School, since graduating from the Owners/Presidents Management Program (OPM) in 2010 and of Singularity University in Mountain View, CA (Exec. Program 2014).